Подходит для Canon c разъемом N3
Pixel TW283 remote control:
Why PIXEL TW-283:
4 Types Shutter Functions: 1. Single shooting
2. 2 Sec continuous shooting
3. BULB shooting
4. Delay shooting
6 Kinds of Timer Functions: 1. Timer schedule delay
2. Timer schedule exposure time
3. Timer shooting interval time
4. Timer shooting number of shots
5. Repeat time schedule interval time
6. Repeat timer schedule times
Anti-vibration: With wired or wireless remote control, it can avoid damaging image integrity and quality caused by camera vibration when you press camera shutter button.
Simple: With large screen display, it’s clear at a glance. And very simple and easy to handle. So you can shoot on your own way.
FSK 2.4GHz Wireless Control System: It features no directionality, 80M+ remote distance and ultra-powerful anti-interference
ability. With 30 channels for option it can avoid interference caused by other similar devices. Using international 2.4G transmission
technology, it’s stable and quick response to shutter.
Aesthetic Style, Good Hand-feel: The remote control integrates aesthetic design to provide you the most confortable hand-feel
through hand-holding ratio measurement. The size is suitable for most of photographer’s hand, so it’s much handier. With
high-quality leather-like anit-drop design, it offers you better tactile appeal.
Wired/Wireless 4-in-1 Function: PIXEL wireless timer remote control integrates wireless/wired timer, wireless/wired shutter
functions, providing you variety of choices. When the Receiver is powered-off, you can use wired mode to capture the
wonderful moments.
Frequency: FSK 2.4 GHz
Range: 80m
Channels: 30
Stand-by time:
Transmitter: 1000H (use 2*AAA Batteries)
Receiver: 400H (use 2*AAA Batteries)
Transmitter: 146mm x 40mm x 19mm
Receiver: 73mm x 38mm x 31mm
Weight(without battery):
Transmitter: 52.6g
Receiver: 36.2g

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