Basic input/output system (BIOS) is a firmware programming, and it like the basic DNA of any microprocessor which enables your PC to run or even start. Before moving to the rectification tool and associated problem, first, we should know the BIOS and Firmware.

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What is firmware?

Firmware is a kind of software programming the only difference from the traditional programming is that it’s a chip level programming. It also comes into the category of system software as it is essential for the working of any microprocessor.

What is BIOS?

Now, moving on to the BIOS, it is the only software in any device that comes in-built with it. It is an essential need for any computer to start. A microprocessor is the brain of any computer, BIOS is the instruction to the microprocessor, even to wake up and launch itself. Hence it is the first layer between software and hardware. It is one who directly interacts with bare hardware.

Whenever we start our system, microprocessor passes control to the BIOS which is present at the EPROM. It checks and ensures the exact location of every component and then loads the operating system on the ROM (Read only memory) from the hard disk of the system. In this way, BIOS eases the responsibility of Operating System to know about the address of associated devices and basic input-output flow.

So it is the essential component of any PC and needs special care. Any problem and malfunctioning can hamper the whole system. BIO is the unique identity of any system because it has specially designed for a particular motherboard or system model.

A BIOS failure in any system creates a whole lot of problem. In this case, your system is not able to lift the operating system resultantly system is not ready to start. Generally, it flashes an error message containing the issue associated with it, but sometimes there is no message only “Beep” sound indicates the improper of failure of BIOS.

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